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Teaming up with Dress Up Bolts

From United States soil to 'Straya', Dress Up Bolts have kindly given our PJC Members and Club Members two discount codes that will allow our car scene to better our standards and even make a change on their car, they wouldn't have thought of previously. Personally myself I've been looking into their engine bay bolt kits for some time now and I can certainly see much of the Perth community having interest in it as well.

If you become a club member today you'll receive 30% off all stock storewide for Dress Up Bolts and will be very happy with not only the price but also the great products they make. The benefits of titanium bolts is firstly it's non corrosive, stronger than 99% of other materials and lastly it looks amazing!

If you're half and half feel free to check out their website, you wont be disappointed.

Regular PJC Members will receive 10% off everything store wide as well so don't miss out!

To become a member today simply click the members tab above and click the green button, there's also many other great benefits we offer and will continuously add too for years to come.

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