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PJC is a lifestyle for those who are meticulously minded when it comes to cars. We specialise in Entertainment, Events & Culture.


Starting from a small group of friends to becoming a hub for the majority of active JDM cars in Perth. Harrison started the group in hope to keep Japanese car culture thriving in a time where emission laws are in place and Police cracking down on street events. We're in the stages of innovating a future scene where we host large scale static events, focus on branding and online video and photo content. Trial and error, patience, time and money will all be factors in trying to be the greatest car club brand in Australia. 

We have membership programs in place to offer discounts storewide, on care care, drivetrain fluids, detailing and much more!

Elite Members receive a free and exclusive sticker to welcome those who join our membership program, an emailed insight of up and coming events, 50% off VIP entry to any of our events, 25% off Autoglym and Motul. This is just an example of what our membership can offer. We will continue to partner with quality brands to guarantee you the cheapest prices and the constant availability.

Overall what it means to be a part of Perth JDM Central is to offer community values of authenticity, good character and encouraging the longevity of Japanese car culture. As for your vehicles, practicing our motto "Style Matters," is a great start, by focussing on your appearance the rest will follow. 

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