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Exotic Japanese classics occupied the Fremantle Naval Store for the second time on the 11th of September. Cars such as the Honda City Wide-body or the Toyota Trueno BZ-R took the top spot for the most unique car featured. Paulo's Nissan Silvia S15 is built for the track yet the cosmetics don't suffer in the slightest. The event was complimented with two Honda NSX's each respectfully amazing cars and the owners deservingly calling the vehicle theirs. The rest of the vehicles will be pictured below, we are grateful for all those who attended this Perth JDM Central event, we hope the Perth car scene can appreciate niche meets tailored towards the true enthusiast. In the future we will do our very best to invite unique owners yet again to create memories and art through the name 'PJC.' Overall a huge thank you to all who have supported us throughout the last few month's we cherish the friendships and connections we have established, this is only the beginning.

We encourage our followers to attend our event on the 29th of this month to witness Perth's best Japanese cars at the most prestigious event of the year!

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