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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The 14th of August at 1:00PM Perth JDM Central hosted the first Fremantle Naval Store event in our history. Compiled of unique, expensive and perfectly modified vehicles with countless characteristics which left your jaw dropped. From the very start PJC was built upon constantly aiming to raise the bar in Perth, as well as make the rest of Australia aware of our presence. We feel as if we have achieved this through some of the conversations we have had with high caliber individuals from the East this week.

We are fortunate to be in a position where we can create such events for niche groups and for the masses, which won't be stopping any time soon. Japanese cars from the nineties are starting to become vintage cars and the majority need paint corrections, respray jobs or mechanical work and luckily for our audience we have businesses partnered with us that we trust. Such as who can offer premium detailing services with profound expertise knowledge. Located in Osborne Park they're centrally located and easy to communicate with regarding any queries. "GS AUTO WORKS" are a meticulous mechanical, electrical and fabricating workshop that are trusted by PJC at the highest level. All admins take at least one of our vehicles there for modifications, advice or repair with not a single doubt in the back of our mind. Located in Bayswater they are another central workshop with easy access. Perth JDM Central are extremely grateful for the generosity GS AUTO WORKS and ELITA LAB WERKS offered us and the community with supporting us by sponsoring the event and our new merchandise collection.

This is only a fraction of the photograph's available, if you would like the full resolution image please message aka Aquilla Santoso to receive them, but most importantly to support an extremely talented artist who takes pride in his craft. Not to mention "AN AUSSIE PHOTOGRAPHER" aka Cameron Hurst who is gifted exceptionally too, Cameron took the time off work to attend our event and we couldn't thank him enough. Both gentleman are appreciated by PJC and we encourage you to spend the money with them and have your pride and joy captured by Perth's best.

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