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Champion Lakes (30/10/2021)

On the 30th of October we held a unique car show at Champion Lakes, on the eve of Halloween taking advantage of the beautiful landscape surrounding us. It is an honour to be able to create events such as this and have a community that continuously are excited to get behind PJC and push the Perth import standards to the next level. There were an extraordinary amount of vehicles built from the ground up and no money spared, we really appreciate all the dedication our enthusiasts have.

Huge shoutout to the following sponsors for backing us yet again:

Oz Audio

Total Workshop Solutions

Nissan Maddington

GS Autoworks

Impulse Detailing Solutions

Spirit Wings

Night Daze

Credit to Leon from GripShift Media for putting extra love and effort into our montage! Please share this video around if you're an avid supporter of PJC or just purely like seeing imports in Perth still going around. Until next time, thank you x

Cool to see a few of Laurence Escalante's luxury/super cars there on the day too!

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