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4K Facebook Group Members!

It's insane to look back and think about how we started from so small, now one of the leading car groups in Western Australia with large aspirations to be not only the best but to build off a brand which is built from the working class man, representing traditional Japanese cultural and automotive values.

All the on going support is what is, and will keep this club going! If we keep this up the events that we'll see in 2020 will far overshadow those of 2019. We've managed to get some business' behind us and we're now working on discount prices for members, as well as new and improved meet & cruises.

There will be more frequent meets in 2020, different types though. These include a small fortnightly meet for 'PJC CLUB MEMBERS,' this will be a private only meet, disclosed map with no invites. There will be photographers, really clean cars and a cruise that will revolve around food/drinks.

These meets we will discuss PJC and it's future, actually talk about cars and the engineering behind them and drive away from high traffic and enjoy the roads.

PJC CLUB MEMBERS - (Via website tab option)

$3 a month to join, you'll receive many benefits as well as keeping a small club aspect to PJC. I really think this could be the future of clubs and helping them grow in order to improve meet standards and enjoyment.

It's basically a new program we've started up to avoid unnecessary Police attention and keep a smaller circle, whilst also having the bigger meets running too. Overall it'll be a good mix of both. Not only big meets but some unique meets are coming that's all we'll say ;)

Thank you again everyone!

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