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PJC 2021 Champion Lakes (30/10/2021)

In the late afternoon as Halloween was upon us, Perth JDM Central hosted the third instalment of our static meet events. The hype leading up to the event and preparation put into the day gave us admins a strong focus on what needs to be achieved to have a successful event. Firstly we would like to say thank you to large icons in the car scene like, TECCWA, Silvia WA, Perth Rotary and Datsun club, Dave Maier, Caleb Crampton, The Hiace Syndicate just to name a few, for their contribution on advertising the Champion Lakes Event. Saturday was approaching like a tsunami and everything wasn't going to plan last minute, from insurance and communication with the venue because of which, facebook algorithm not allowing the official event to reach its full potential and the fear that we couldn't deliver like the past. With the help of Natasha and her patience from Venues West, Simon Major (part PJC owner), Stock Visuals, Nightdaze and Spirit Wings we as a collective managed to scrape through with insurance, last minute corrections and media adjustments.

Did we expect the turnout we received? Absolutely not, of course the expectation was high but with well over a thousand people attending we were overwhelmed with the influx of participants and spectators in the best way possible, seeing so many passionate import fans gives us meaning to why we create events like the thirtieth. Josh Major, Matt Coniglio, David Strever, Kobe Kifer, Alana De Lucia, Sarah Leow, Redha Ab, Giada Liberti we're most of the team available on the day giving PJC their utmost commitment to ensuring a smooth event. It is clear to us now that we will be recruiting more personnel and admins for the future and if you're reading this thinking you have what it takes to manage social media, event roles, graphic design and more then please send us an email and we will asses our candidates!

The variety of vehicles on display were mesmerising as well as the condition and intricate detail that complimented to age of the cars. Restored Datsun 510 coupe's to previously owned 'Smokey Nagata's' 1973 Mitsubishi Galant GTO! This extremely rare GTO won the 'PJC Club Choice Award.' Across the board there was something cool about each and every car, the community is taking our "Style Matters," slogan seriously and this is the message we want to continue to promote. Ben Hoey's beautiful blue bagged EVO 8 GSR rolling on a set of Work Meisters took the "Show and Shine" award sponsored by Total Workshop Solutions, very well deserved! "Best Classic" went to Gareth Jones the owner of a 1970's Toyota Corona wagon that was bridgeport 12a rotary swapped. Kyras Stefanatos' "SCHASSIS" Nissan Silvia S15 Spec - R won the "Best Street & Track Car" award. Seeing a tastefully modified red S15 is always refreshing as red is often overlooked and not well maintained enough to pull off any style. "Most Period" correct despite seeming bias went to Matt Coniligio due to his S13 being completely OEM with all the optional extra's including the highly sought after digital cluster and heads up display, cooler compartment in the glove box, CD stacker in the boot, chrome accents and of course the desired "sea-foam" two tone.

Honourable mentions include Jai Bitmead for his GX81 sunroof chaser, Jonathan Davies and his R32 GTR "OMGTR" and Salah Razzak's R34 GTR "WPN," all vehicles mentioned could have easily qualified for a trophy, it was difficult to settle on a handful of cars when there were so many features on different vehicles that caught your attention.

Overall we are extremely blessed to have companies supporting us allowing our Japanese enthusiast events to become a polished classic car club now. Perth JDM Central has experimented with street events a couple years ago, slowly always aiming to move into a static landmark that keeps the immature away and captures the community who put extraordinary amounts of money and time into their pride and joys. It is now evident that our journey has been successful because of our passionate supporters and paid members, we cherish this beyond comprehension. Thank you to Nick from Total Workshop Solutions for sponsoring a trophy and Autoglym car care package, Dre from Oz Audio in Osborne Park for sponsoring a trophy and supporting us with our last static event, Grant from GS Auto Works for sponsoring a trophy and backing us for the future, Farhan the owner of Impulse Detailing Solutions for also sponsoring a trophy and providing the full package for those who needed it last minute, Spraytek for jumping on board last minute and giving away merchandise, thanks Dan! Lastly Nissan Maddington for showing their ambition to work alongside us and develop PJC into the stratosphere for future events, as well as having their display on the day!

Grateful. Thank you to all who came to support us and be passionate about Japanese cars, see you towards the end of summer!




We hope you enjoyed this photo gallery, please feel free to message the photographers regarding getting a personal shoot and seeing if you car got captured on the day!

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