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Partnering with Boosted International

Boosted international are an Australian based company who specialise in interior and exterior custom bits. They use the best materials for the job which look great and exceed in performance.

One of their new products in a coil pack cover for the SR20DET Black top motor. The cover can be seen in the pictures below.

They feature:

- 3mm thick brushes stainless steel finish ✅

- laser cut “Silvia” logo ✅

- Machine bent vents ✅

- 6 stainless steel button head screws ✅

We were also blessed with a 10% off discount code for all members.

We're happy to see multiple companies working with us helping each other grow, we plan on incorporating these partners more through out Meet & Cruises in the near future!

The next big meet and cruise event will be made in the next 24 hours so stay posted!

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