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The Oz Audio (August) Shoot

The 10th of August saw some of Perth's best imports gathering together to create a collaboration shoot between our sponsor Oz Audio and us. This included Michaels R32 GTST Type - M, Steven's r34 GTR V SPEC, Simon's RZ MK4 and lastly Elviz' RB25 swapped S15.

Oz Audio are the answer to all your audio and electrical accessory needs. This consists of light bar's, head unit's, throttle control units and sounds systems. Not only that they also run a membership program where you can sign up, to be a part of 24 giveaways throughout the year. They're the bee's knee's and by far the most humble and approachable guys to talk to.

Ben Burn from Lowered Visions showcased his camera skills and all of us admins were thoroughly impressed with how they turned out, we hope you enjoy these just as much as us!

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Be sure to use code - PJC when purchasing anything through Oz Audio to save yourself some money!

We appreciate as a collective you viewing our art <3

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