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Ft. Simon Major & Harrison Davey (PJC Owners)

13/12/2020 saw us host our last official event of the year. An event filled with high standard and attention to detail Japanese cars. Cars and enthusiasts came from all across Perth and surrounding suburbs, some we've never seen before as well as some not for a while.

The event started at 4PM on the Sunday and finished just after 7PM. Big thank you again to the West Swan Athletic Club for hosting and Kellee for ongoing communication and support she has given us.

DJ Entropy came down to provide the music & set the chill theme for the rest of the evening. If you're interested in the playlist used on the day be sure to check out the following link:

From AE86's, a Cima, A31 Cefiro's to Hiace's and Daihatsu's the selection of vehicles on display were not only unique to Perth but were extremely tidy and well presented cars. Which made the three awards given out a hard choice, firstly we had the yellow "NSXXX" taking out the "Best Street Car" award, although we had some honourable mentions, both "VSPEC34" and "DTSN32" put up a good show too! The Nissan Cima taking out best "VIP" car as there being hardly any Cima's in Perth, the condition of the body and attention to detail. Lastly the black 260Z took out "Most Unique" as seeing one on the roads is like finding a needle in a haystack, but not only that- the crisp paint and wheels installed, attention to detail again, the fact it's a factory colour too all adds up to secure it's trophy. Keep in mind this was decided through a voting system across all admin. Choosing three cars from the day to take home these awards was an immensely difficult task and just goes to show how much integrity we all have in our vehicles, the passion for Japanese we have as a community is truly great to see and rest assured it'll be staying that way for years to come from us.

Stance Royalty did us a solid and captured the day on camera. The video will be released shortly on all our YouTube channel, we will update you all on our social media's when this is. Huge shoutout to Chay for dedicating the day to us, always a good laugh and never a dull moment! Stance Royalty are no underdog in Perth but if you haven't check them out please go do yourself a favour!

Simon from Joydrive also blessed us with his presence, another person who constantly shows his support and respect towards the club and admins, we're grateful to have such wonderful people around us encouraging and pushing the club in the right direction. Simon will have content from the meet rolling out over his social media's across the next few days as well!

Furthermore the day couldn't have gone any better, and it wouldn't be possible without a community like ours, people who see the same enjoyment in Japanese Imports and without the good mannerisms and attitudes we received. It's a spin out to see how far this club has grown in the past three years now, this time last year still doing street events- to switching to private property and creating a more engaging experience for enthusiasts and media personnel. Thank you again for allowing us to create these events, we thoroughly enjoy it each and every time and wouldn't change it for the world!

- All photo's and video's of the event can be found via our Instagram, Spooled Media, An Aussie Photographer, Lowered Visions, Joydrive, Stance Royalty, Null Affliction, JN Media & more, any Q&A's be sure to DM the page and we'll do our best to get back to you ASAP!

Perth JDM Central hosted it's first private venue event on the 13/9/2020 at West Swan Athletic Club. Shout out to all staff on the day who did a terrific job in the bar and surrounds. As for the venue itself us and all who attended agreed it is one of the best locations in Perth to host a static event at this scale.

As Summer approaches we're looking to host another, bigger, better and longer, a twilight special that starts at 4PM and concludes at 7pm. Perfectly timed for the golden hour of photographs and video's. All information regarding this event can be found on our Facebook or Instagram @PerthJDMCentral.

The 9th saw some familiar faces that haven't been out in a solid minute, this includes the notorious "Minty" James' beyond perfect '6P3' painted MK4 A80 Supra. Not only does it look the full package but it also performs climbing well over 300kmh at Racewars. "DTSNR32" was another credible feature at the event who stole the show with the amount of attention to detail featured in his 32R. 7 years in the making Dave made sure every spec and bolt were done the best he could.

The Hiace Syndicate gatecrashed all the smaller cars with their squad of modified vans which were unique and interesting to see. All very tastefully done and making more power than stock, it was a pleasure to have the lads out on the green!

"All the team members at Perth JDM Central should be hugely proud of the event they organised. They showed great planning and teamwork and it was a greatly laid out event. Been a pleasure watching the team develop and grow." - AJ Film & Photography. Extremely humbled to call Anthony a close friend of mine and the team, in today's day and age coming across genuine people can be a difficult task, Anthony makes it easy. For all those who don't know we were close when his photpgraphy page first blew up, PJC was just over roughly 6 months in from debut and we were younger. Seeing Anthony become successful has been an honour to watch, someone with a work ethic like Anthony's unquestionably deserves it.

Seth from Spooled Media also attended the event. Seth is now a close friend who is very skilful behind the camera not to mention genuine and great to talk to. Although being a Honda owner Seth is passionate about all Japanese vehicles and does a great job in capturing the soul in the cars.

Michael the owner of the Honda City Turbo won the best car award from the event due to how unique and cool they are. Being a sunroof model, 1.3 litre turbo and weighing around 650kg it certainly stole the show.

Overall PJC wouldn't be anything without the community, support from fellow friends & associates. For all those on the event day that helped out, your work does not go unnoticed, especially Drew & Maddi from @SkylineSociety who helped out massively on the day. Redha and Giada on merchandise, Riley and Michael also helping upon entry and Lucid Media for the greatest video we could have possibly asked for!

Until next time.

- PJC Team

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